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What Are My Clients Saying About Me?



"...I have never had to return a single note! You won't look back!"


I have known Marcus Condello for more years than I care to remember. I’m delighted to say I have found that he provides serious value for money, has many custom and unique ideas, extraordinary networking alliances, banknote grading services, auction services, market overviews and key research intelligence. He is confidential at all times, extremely friendly and has his finger on the pulse. Being a member of Collectable Banknotes Australia also entitles me to interesting regular newsletters, special discounts and bonuses.


In all of the years I have had dealings with Marcus and the countless transactions that I have completed with him, I have never had to return a single note! I thank him for his assistance in helping me track down particularly scarce banknotes in the polymer series. I naturally recommend to all banknote collectors to contact Marcus promptly, you won’t look back!


- Ray Bryant, NSW



"...the description he gives is always extremely accurate...I have found I can have complete trust in him."


I have been dealing with Marcus for many years now. The important things that a prospective buyer should know in dealing with him and considering a purchase are…


1. When advertising a banknote, the description he gives is always extremely accurate, and no further enquiry about the item is necessary.

2. If you do contact him regarding a purchase or for any other reason, his response is always accurate, truthful, and helpful.

3. Having made a purchase, delivery of the purchase is always immediate, and notifications of the progress of that purchase follows at all times so you are aware of the standing of your purchase.

4. Should, for any reason, a dispute or other matter arise requiring further consultation, he is always available to assist, and is fully covered with protection on your behalf.

As I have said I have been dealing with Marcus for many years, and I have always found him to meet the above requirements, besides being very easy to deal with, most helpful and pleasant. In short I have found I can have complete trust in him.


- Tom H, Vic



" can always buy with confidence...His research on banknotes is exceptional."


I would like to say, in my dealings with Marcus Condello of Collectable Banknotes Australia, I have found him to be very honest and easy to deal with through many transactions we have conducted. Marcus is always a very good communicator and thorough with his gradings of banknotes he sells. Marcus can be trusted in his descriptions so you can always buy with confidence. I salute Marcus in the way he conducts his numismatic business, most professional. He is always trying to look after his valued clients of which I am most fortunate to be included. His research on banknotes is exceptional and I have called on Marcus many times for his opinion in helping me write articles for the Australasian Coin and Banknote (CAB) Magazine. I wish Marcus all the best for the future and a big thank you for dealings of the past.


- Dennis Wood, NSW



"...saves me time...very reliable, honest and professional..."


I have known Marcus Condello for a few years and I feel very fortunate to have been able to acquire some rare notes from him in that time (First and Last Prefix notes). Marcus has done a lot of research over the years as to how rare certain prefixes are. He is always willing to search for them, which saves me time and helps me add them to my collection. I have found Marcus to be very reliable, honest and professional when buying and talking with him and he can explain to me why certain Prefixes are hard to find. If I want advice, he is always willing to help. Most of all I find Marcus to be very friendly and easy to talk to.


- Kerin Taddeo, SA



"...provides help above and beyond any Dealer I have previously dealt with..."


I have dealt with Marcus for many years and have found him to be an excellent Dealer and have always been very happy with his service and grading on banknotes. He provides help above and beyond any dealer I have previously dealt with, even to the point of paying to secure notes you are after.


- Andrew P, NSW



"...description of items very precise and factual...prompt despatch..."


A quick note to thank you for your prompt service over past 3 years. I have always found your description of items very precise and factual with prompt despatch of items along with details of despatch. Looking forward to continued business in the future.


- Ray C, NSW



"...purchases (are) exactly as described...pleasant surprises!"


We have dealt with Marcus from Collectable Banknotes Australia for several years and have found our purchases to be exactly as described, responses to be prompt with quite often some very pleasant surprises! We’re very happy to continue our relationship with Marcus while upgrading our collections.


- Keith and Barbara, NSW



"...He never lets you down..."


Having been with Marcus of Collectable Banknote Australia for some time I have found it a very good decision to deal with him. He never lets you down and if for some reason there is a delay he’ll ring me and advise me of the situation. Again I am very pleased to deal with Marcus and I will recommend him as a positive Dealer.


- Wim Matzer, Qld



"...not one problem with his dealings...10/10 +++++ rating."


I, Craig Boughton, have found Marcus a very honest, knowledgeable, kind and friendly person. I have done business with him on numerous occasions and have found not one problem with his dealings. Friendly service, fast delivery and overall a pleasure to do business with. To me, a 10/10 +++++ rating.


- Craig Boughton, SA



"...has given me accurate information in regards to banknotes...a pleasure to deal with..."


Marcus Condello of Collectable Banknotes Australia has always been an outstanding banknote Dealer. I have contacted him many times via phone or email and he has taken his time and has given me accurate information in regards to banknotes. He is a pleasure to deal with in regards to pricing, quality, rarity and investment aspect of notes. I highly recommend him and hope to do business with him again and again.


- Ian Makarian, NSW



"...fine person to deal with.  Courteous, reasonable and always fair..."


I have found Marcus to be a fine person to deal with. Courteous, reasonable and always fair, Marcus conducts himself as a professional with our dealings along with providing banknote updates which I really appreciate as any new information pertaining to my collection is welcome information. Marcus is a gentleman.


- David Johnson, Qld



"...nothing seemed to be too much trouble..."


I've just recently started purchasing some notes of Marcus through his eBay web site and found him very easy to do business with, nothing seemed to be too much trouble, so much so that I have just recently become a VIP member of his club and am looking forward to doing further business with him in the future. Good luck with your future endeavours Marcus.


- Rodney Moss, NSW



"...(notes) in first class condition, the service is second to none."


I have been dealing with Marcus Condello at Collectable Banknotes Australia for some time now. I have always found the notes that I have purchased to be in first class condition, the service is second to none. But that is not the main reason I go back - it is the follow up Marcus does by phone and email to ensure that I have received what I purchased and am happy with it. Also, the information he gives me regarding what I am collecting. It has made me more aware and has helped me find notes I knew nothing about.


- Anthony Quinn, Qld



"excellent service...highly recommend."


I have dealt with Marcus from Collectable Banknotes Australia on numerous occasions and have always had excellent service. I would highly recommend.


- Steve S, Vic




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Rare Uncirculated $50 1998 Last Prefix JC98 note